New Year: Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, etc.

HERE’S MY LIST OF NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS. What does your list look like?

1. I will begin (and complete) Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way

2. I will self-publish my novel Palace of the Blue Butterfly

3. I will meditate (almost every day)

4. I will write down my dreams (almost every day)

5. I will practice 15 minutes of yoga (almost every day)

6. I will walk down my little country road (almost every day)

7. I will practice compassion EVERY day.

And so I begin the New Year with this Buddhist prayer.

May I be medicine for the sick.
May I be food and drink in a time of famine.
May I be a lamp
for those who need light,
a bed for those who need rest.
May I be a guide for all seekers
to the Other Shore.
May all find happiness through my actions.
Whether they love or hate me,
whether they hurt or wrong me,
Let no one suffer because of me.


4 responses to “New Year: Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, etc.”

  1. Wonderful list.

    Julia Cameron’s book is one of my favorites..I am sorry to say I stopped doing it, but there were “circumstances” beyond my control, and I just never got back to it..perhaps I will restart it..

    I have some other projects in mind though..A Writer’s Book Of Days is one…

    • Hey Janie,
      I am doing pretty good with the resolutions! The morning pages have been a challenge. A funny thing happened, though. Today after I finished, I felt a sudden burst of happiness, just flooded with it. And I wasn’t even unhappy to begin with! It was a kind of moment of bliss. Didn’t last all that long, but just knowing that feeling is there in my consciousness is sort of wonderful. I, too, had started The Artist’s Way before, and I remembered that following the steps made me happy. I will look into a Writer’s Book of Days. Thanks for the tip.

      My mornings start with meditating, followed by a Rodney Yee morning yoga tape, and then the morning pages. I’m glad I’m taking this time for myself. Happy New Year. Jane

  2. Dear Jane,

    Happy New Year!

    I can see that you have started with your New Year’s resolutions right away! You are a compassionate person. I cannot tell you how touched I was that you decided to come to my father’s funeral. It is just too bad that you won’t stay longer! I have a lot of places I want to take you and interesting people that I want you to meet. But maybe it will only be an opportunity for us to get together more. Frances

    It is really astonishing the way we met, this is what I call “serendipity”, it was meant to be. I feel like I have known you for a long time. Guillermo sends his love too. Frances

    • Frances,
      I am just writing a blog about your father. Thanks for the wonderful pictures! I hope I get to meet Shauna Leff from Inside Mexico someday, since it was her article that made all this happen. My next blog will be about how I met you! It was incredible!

      As far as the resolutions go, I’m doing pretty good. Have you read the Artist’s Way? Julia Cameron talks a lot about serendipity—what she calls synchronicity. When you are on the right path, she believes, the right people and the right experiences come into your life. That is certainly how I feel about having met you. I, too, am sorry I won’t be in Mexico City longer, but this is just the beginning of many, many visits. Love to Guillermo, too. And you! Jane