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Stuff you can use

Here are some sites that I like, and that you may find helpful. If you have any other ideas, please forward to me for consideration.

Beginning Farmers – Compilation of information resources for new, experienced, and potential farmers, as well as educators, activists, and policy makers interested in the development of new farm enterprise.

Citified Country Girl – A country girl’s adventures in the country and the city, as well as her photography, DIY decor, outdoor adventures, and some good recipes, too.

The Country Girl – Chronicling a move from cosmopolitan Washington, D.C. to rural Dow, Illinois, and all that that entails.

Country Living, Country Skills – a general gathering place for info about everything involved.

Green Mountain at Fox Run – a women’s healthy weight loss retreat, with a non-diet, intuitive approach to eating, exercising and living. Their mission is to help women feel good again, free of worries about food, weight, eating and negative body images.

Miramonte – Just some general information on the Miramonte area, in case you’re interested.

Old Fashioned Recipes – Old fashioned cooking recipes that you can make easily at home!

Preserving Animals – excellent information on animal sanctuaries, and the overall importance of all the animals with whom we share the planet.

Real Country Life – local history, old photographs, recipes, crafts, genealogy, places to visit and sites to see.

Sea Mountain Resort – is where you can eflect, relax, spa, and enjoy the premier nude spa retreat in Southern California.

Ultimate Carlos Santana Resource – simply everything you ever wanted to know about Carlos and his band.

Vintage Country Girl – you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

Wild Pantry – Dine on the Wild Side of Mother Nature! All natural wild food products, wild mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, nuts and wild medicinal plants brought to you by Mother Nature’s Outside Pantry.