Reading List

Lookaway, Lookaway: North Carolina and the Not-So-New . . .

by Wilton Barnhardt of Raleigh, North Carolina

Wilton Barnhardt tackles that all that is the South head on in his novel, “Lookaway, Lookaway.  The plot recounts the decline and inevitable fall of the Johnston clan, an upper-class family in Charlotte, North Carolina, in the first decade of this century. Every character in the book has one or more skeleton’s rattling around in his or her closet until, at a Christmas family get-together, all secrets are revealed. LEARN MORE

Mexico, a Love Story: Women Write about the Mexican Experience

by Camille Cusumano

In this beautifully written collection of stories, women who have a special connection with Mexico share their firsthand experiences with the people of Mexico, its history and landscape.  It’s an expression of their love for Mexico, how it has helped to shape their lives or influenced their decisions. LEARN MORE

A Self-Publishing Writer’s Role Model. Introducing . . .

. . . Erika Robuck.

Starting out as a self-published novelist of her first book “Receive Me Falling”, Ericka Robuck created a platform for herself by blogging and getting book clubs to read her books. Today Robuck is a national best-selling author of several books, including “Hemingway’s Daughter”, “Call Me Zelda”,and soon-to-be released, “The Invisible Women”, a biographical fiction about the harrowing exploits of  Virginia Hall, WWII spy and OSS/SOE agent. LEARN MORE

Vision Boards and Beyond:

The Poetry of Julie Suk

Julie Suk, prize-winning American poet and writer, hails from Charlotte, North Carolina and is the author of six volumes of poetry, including “The Dark Takes Aim,” “The Angel of Obsession”, and “The Medicine Woman”. Although Suk didn’t start publishing her poetry until she was in her fifties, her poetry has a lot to say to people of all ages about the dark as well as the light of life. LEARN MORE