Santa Fe Road Trip Numero Tres for the Year

Dave and I are taking off for a week to see our beautiful daughter in Santa Fe!

Jane's card, front and backAn added plus: my friend Frances is coming up from old Mexico, and she’s bringing my business cards for Palace of the Blue Butterfly.

Here they are!

The talented Mexico City graphic artist Daniela Garces made them for me. She knew instantly what I wanted—a section of the Mural of Tlalocan that shows the Rain God Tlaloc’s wife. Her name — Quetzalpapalotl — translates into Blue Butterfly.

Notice how the artist etched Tlalocan into the right hand side of the card? Pretty cool.

Furthermore, The absolutely fantastic Michael Caroff from Caroff Communications helped me solve my technical problems with the podcasts. Yeah Michael!!! I’m almost good to go. Two more recording/ editing sessions, and I’m ready to launch. I’m aiming for March 21, if not before.

Quetzalpapalotl designOnly there’s one little secret, girlfriends. I have to go back and edit a love scene. It was one thing writing it, but it’s a little tooooo explicit for my listening comfort level. Think about it. My voice. Those words. The whole blogosphere. In short, NO WAY. I mean, I’ve got parents, kids, a son-in-law (can you imagine???) his friends, my friends’ kids, former students — you name it — who will listen to this. I’m going to tone it down for the audio version. Believe me. You’ll still get the idea.

Now, behind my blog on the WordPress dashboard — where all this stuff gets written in code and inserted — I have a post that reads: Palace of the Blue Butterfly Episode One. So yesterday, I curled up in my wonderful Bergere chair, stared out at the snow covered mountains and listened.

Oh. My. God. It worked!

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