Tag: Silent on the Moor

I got hooked on Deanna Raybourn’s book Dark Road to Darjeeling in Puerto Vallarta. The novel follows the adventures of Lady Julia Grey and her husband, private inquiry agent Nicholas Brisbane, as they try to solve a murder in the tea-growing region of India in, well, in Darjeeling.

For fans of the British mystery, this has it all. A fabulous cast of eccentric ex-pats — a stiff- upper lip, aristocratic spinster devoted to maintaining the standards of the realm, a dotty minister and his bohemian wife who scandalizes the local society, a strange recluse who dabbles in the occult, two English sisters who’ve suddenly appeared and have rented a rose-covered cottage—the emblem of all things English—but who may not be as innocent as they appear, men whose inheritances may be in jeopardy, and no shortage of others, all of whom may have cause to commit murder.

And of course, there is the intrepid Lady Julia and . . .